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Love or its a mental issue?

Love or it’s a mental issue?

Don’t be surprise I am not sure yet it’s my mind who is confused. Seeing a love in mother eyes is real no doubt but I am confused about boyfriend and girlfriend love I am sharing here an experience of mine.
First time when I thought I’m fall in love it’s was a very pleasant moment for me I was happy finally I have someone to love. I told my friends look I have also a beautiful girl she knows or not I don’t care at that time. Don’t laugh at me that time I don’t know how usually people fall in love I was happy finally I have someone to share stories about a girl that I like because when they told me stories I feel jealous why I don’t have a girl who is more beautiful than my friends so I pick one. Don’t look at me like that in second third standard kids love is like that.
Then we grew up very well and passed from school and came in college life, here again competition of girlfriends and boyfriends but this time its little advancement in love now we have to love a girl that she also talk with you here I am talking about mobile lovers you have to show proves look I got this message and that message ohh one thing I forgot I don’t have cell phone in college so I was out from list of collage lover.
Then a university stage came now love is in post imperial age I mean full advanced here boys and girls dating each other. I’m from old school so I got a cell phone in university so I have to pass the previous exam I mean what I miss in college so in University I found a girl she was quite beautiful and my friend gives me tips and I got her in few days. I was impressed with my friends tips he is a master I say.
Then first time I broke up with her it was the first time I feel pain for one week then some times in a month then my friend give a medicine don’t be surprised there is medicine of love he set me with another girl then I forget the old girlfriend but now I didn’t do the mistakes which I did in first time you can say first love give me lot of exposure really now I am seeing love with different eyes. For more experience I love more than One girl at same time, don’t look at me like this dear fallows I was only taking experience you know experience is so important.
Don’t be mad on me it’s just for to make you people smile but In this story some part is true also now a days we usually not really love with someone we are just time passing so be careful and don’t get upset its part of life.
If someone you love is not with you anymore don’t be sad world is big you will find another here I’m talking about those who fail in love don’t be sad chill out 🙂
For those who really think they are in love be careful I read somewhere from snake bite may you survives but from the bite of love you will not survive?


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