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My roommates are bad for my mental health

My roommates can be good but also bad for my mental health. Some days they make me excited to be alive and glad that I try to better myself as a human. Most days, they make me want to crawl down to their level of worthless and anti-optimistic view on life. Anytime I take on a challenge with a smile on my face, they say I am being cocky and that I don’t understand how hard, it really is going to be. The fact that I rather take a challenge head on and fail instead of not even trying seems to bother them. Anytime I rather look at the positive they throw the negative or say my point of view is wrong. It always seems to be a contest. Tried to play a bonding game with simple yes or no questions but each question ended up being a debate like we were at the national championships. I don’t want to admit that one of them made me relapse with my cutting tendency. I don’t want people to have that kind of control over me. For someone to simply say that my beliefs and values are completely wrong because I grew up somewhere other than the USA. Then for me to explain my experience to them and have it only belittled, so that their experience can sound worse. They ask questions about my life but every time I share, they seem to make a competition out of it for who had it worse or how my experience is somehow invalid in their world.

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