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I am depressed by everything

I am depressed by everything that went through my mind. Why am I so sensitive that whenever little things happen, it’ll change my mood instantly? Am I Bipolar? I go from laughing until my stomach pains to the most quiet person in split second. I feel like I’m never good enough for my dad, my family and my friends. I’m always the one who treat my friends like family but they never seemed to understand me, the friends I see or talk to everyday. I can’t open my mouth to talk because I’m afraid of the response they’re going to give. Why am I like this? I’ve tried telling my closest friend that I cried last week and all she said was ” U always cry”, damn that hurt me, but she didn’t know because she’s like the most happiest person on the planet I’ve met that has a humorous attitude and positive mind. I guess happy people will never understand people like us. It’s hard for me, I laugh and crack jokes at school, but I could be depressed that moment and no one will ever know. It sucks that people really have no idea what’s up with you and you’re just there like smiling and saying that ” I’m fine”. Sometimes I get hard to breathe, it feels like you might suffocate and die the next minute. I just wished that someone will sit by me and listen to everything what I have to say and just please, understand. Understand that I am not overreacting when I talked about this because anything you’re going to say to me either splash salts on the wound or eventually apply medication on it. Words are powerful, especially to a sensitive person like me

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