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My friends dog and my friends panties got me off

I have a friend who I find incredibly attractive.
I have, on a couple different occasions, taken her dirty panties to smell and lick while masturbating and have had the most explosive orgasms while doing so. Part of me feels terrible for doing this but the other part of me finds it hard to resist how intoxicating it is to inhale and taste her feminine scent.

There was a time where she was house sitting for another friend of ours, having to take care of a dog and generally making sure the house was secure while the mutual friend was away. On one of the days where she needed to let the dog out, she was busy with something else and asked if I would attend to the dog for her. I obliged and headed over to the house to let the dog out to burn off some energy and go to the bathroom if it needed to. I was there keeping the dog company for a while so that it wouldn’t feel alone all day when I started feeling horny and wondered if my friend had any laundry lying around since she had been sleeping over at the house. With a little bit of searching, I came across her bag that had her overnight bathroom stuff as well as the laundry from her last couple nights. In the bottom of the bag, underneath the rest of the clothes, I found 2 pairs of used panties; the kind with the thinner straps that really finds its way up into a girl’s ass. Of course I was more than excited at my find as I could smell one while stroking my stiffening cock with the other. I immediately made my way to the couch, released my growing member from my jeans and took in a large whiff of the crotch of the panties where her musk was the strongest.

This instantly brought my cock to a raging erection and I proceeded to masturbate while inhaling and tasting the sweetest of scents. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever felt as I imagined I had my mouth to her pussy, pleasuring her even as it was pleasurable for me. This would have already been the best session of masturbation I’d probably ever had but things only got better when suddenly there was something licking at my cock. I opened my eyes to see the dog was joining in on the fun! I was very weirded out at first but realized it felt amazing and allowed me just to enjoy the panties in my hand while the dog made my cock feel good as he lapped at my dripping precum. The whole situation was insanity and, knowing this would very likely never happen again, I took in as many details about the situation as I could so that I would be able to revisit this memory in the future when I was feeling horny. The combination of the dogs tongue engulfing my cock while I inhaled scent of my friend’s pussy eventually pushed me over the edge as my balls exploded cum everywhere. The dog helped clean up my mess while I cleaned myself up and made sure to put everything away as it was so that no one could know what I had been up to.

I often imagine what it would be like to smell the real thing but will likely never get the chance. It is still an intoxicating memory to remember when I sit down for another session of masturbation. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to taste her beauty…

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