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My boyfriend and I sleep at different ends of the bed sometimes

My boyfriend and I sleep at different ends of the bed sometimes.

Well last night was one of them, and let me tell you it was great and I’m about to tell you why.
Somehow my boyfriend’s head ended up in the middle of the bed with my pussy.
I was extremely horny when I decided to go to sleep; he had already been asleep for about two hours.
So I went to sleep imaging my pussy being eaten out like a great big juicy peach and of course that made my pussy more wet.
I was sleeping for about an hour or so when it started feeling really real and I started backing my pussy up as to ride a face.
I woke up and my pussy was spread open on his face and I was grinding my clit on his nose, his tongue was deep in my tight dripping pussy.
I started rubbing on his balls and got no response so I started rocking back and forth on his tongue because I was extremely hot and needed to get off. Well I went to pull off his face and his hands grabbed my thighs and wouldn’t let me move. He started eating me out and moaning. Telling me how I was the best pussy he ever had.
I started to suck on his cock but got nothing so I just lay there being eaten and cumming more than anything else I’ve ever had.
He was really going at my pussy so I got our camera and started recording him, I was moaning extremely loud now.
I heard my room door crack open a little bit but didn’t think anything of it. I just thought it was my roommates husband sneaking in to steal a thong of mine to smell like always, but he was just standing there.
I tried to see what he was doing when I started to cum again real hard and heard moaning I thought it was my boyfriend but it wasn’t. My roommates husband had snuck into my bathroom and was rubbing on his cock through his shorts saying my name and asking if I liked it. This really got me going I knew he liked me but I didn’t think he’d ever watch my pussy get eaten.

I started really riding my boyfriend’s face and then shoved his cock in. By this time my roommates husband had his cock in his hand jerking it fast and hard, my boyfriend then sat up and told him to come take his place and to cum deep inside of me.
My boyfriend got in front of me so I could suck him off while my roommates husband fucked me for what seemed to be forever. God I came so many times, they did to.
My roommates husband left to take a shower, little did I know it was in my bathroom, I was on cloud nine so I didn’t hear the water running. I bent over in my bathroom to get soap to wash up in my bathroom and roommates husband grabbed me put his hand over my mouth and the other in my pussy. He started finger fucking me till I was about to squirt, put his mouth on my pussy and said squirt for me baby and started going to town on my clit.
I squirted so hard and long I went weak at the knees. He then picked me up wrapped my legs around him and started fucking me. By this time I was moaning extremely loud and my boyfriend got up and got in the shower and shoved his cock into my ass. They both took turns fucking my pussy and asshole till they couldn’t go anymore. My boyfriend took me to bed kissed me goodnight and then ate my pussy again. My roommates husband left for work, I cuddled naked with our door shut and locked till we passed out.

P.S. To all who may call me a whore and whatever else, my roommate is cheating on her husband and I couldn’t give two fucks less about him. She’s been cheating on him for seven years and she also knows that he is obsessed with me but I’ll never leave me boyfriend. My boyfriend gets off on watching and thinking about another man fucking me while he is. He has also okayed him to play with my pussy as long as he records it.
My boyfriend and I plan on getting married soon and he has never fucked any other person other than me and once we are married this will end.
Btw my roommates husband is the only other man who has touched me or fucked me in any way shape or form.
This is a true story maybe there will be a part two soon.

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