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I still cannot forget how bad she had treated me

Hello everyone,

For the past few weeks I have been willing to talk to someone without being judged, misunderstood or thought of as a crybaby. It has been quite a problem, although as I do not really trust people around me, as it is only my second year in my new school, and I do not feel comfortable talking about this kind of stuff with my family because I feel like they will go to school and talk to the principal if I do. That’s exactly why I am here.

I am a girl in my teen years. I moved to a new country not so long ago, about 2 years, and being an unsocial person as I am, it has been quite hard for me. Not because I couldn’t make friends, that (surprisingly) wasn’t the issue. When I came into my classroom I saw¬†two girls, let’s call them Kate and Angela. They were not friends and barely knew each other so I thought why not to try talking to them. After a month, they became best friends because of me and I was left absolutely alone. Being alone is unpleasant but if it was just that, I would have been fine, I am sure of that, but Kate and Angel started bullying me and turning it all into a joke. Them being my only “friends” I decided to ignore it and just follow, laugh at it. They were saying “You are lonely” and laugh and I laughed with them…

I made new friends but all of them were from other classes so when it came down to choosing partners, I was the odd one out. Kate was the meanest of those two girls, she always made me feel like trash but Angela was nice. She did not really bully me, she tried to stop that but apparently, it didn’t work and she didn’t want to become enemies with Kate so she just followed her.

The worst happened when I got into a fight with Angela because Kate lied to her about me. Angela believed her. It was at the end of the year. I couldn’t hold my feeling in for any longer so I just ran down to the nurse in tears making her believe that I had a terrible headache. I spent almost¬†eight months without even one tear coming down my cheek, I was just depressed, but that last month I just let it go and cried.

It’s been a year. Kate left for another school, Angela apologised and we are good friends now. Though I still cannot forget how bad Kate had treated me. I don’t know how to let it go. How to let go all of my anger because I can’t hold it in all the time and I can’t tell anyone! What should I do? How do I forgive her?


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