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Two Points In Forgiveness

I hate my in laws.. Partly my husband too.. They were so rude in the beginning of my marriage.. They took advantage of me.. They shattered my self confidence.. They made me feel that I was wrong.. Now things have changed.. They don’t mess with my life like before.. They haven’t stopped it completely though.. They are inhumane.. You should never think they have changed.. I lost so many opportunities because of them.. Now they are a little sorry.. But I can’t forgive them.. They have given me freedom now..
But it’s too late.. I don’t like them anymore.. They are actually the same.. You should never take chances.. They suck.. I completely hate them.. It so nice to say. Finally tell someone I hate them.. This gives peace of mind.. Releases the burden.. How can they be so inhumane.. How can they ruin someone’s life so much.. How can they say no so much. They have stone hearts.. They have fun when others suffer.. They love to see me not succeed.. Love to see the things I plan not work.. They are the cruellest people I know.. I don’t know what they are going to do when God confronts them.. They should be ashamed of themselves.. They shouldn’t be called human.. They should be kept in a zoo.. Chained locked and exhibited to public.. Calling them the most dangerous carnivorous animals.. Everyone should spit on them and go.. Not my husband.. But definitely my in laws.. They have different rules for my sister in law.. She is the biggest bitch in this planet.. No one can compete with her.. She is worse than any criminal.. Don’t know how she can look at her face in the mirror.. Yuck. Disgusting people.. Why should I forgive them.. I can’t forget the things they have said and done..

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