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Suicidal Tendancies

I am a 19 year old boy who is very sad deep inside.
A year ago I was a boy which I mentioned above until I met her, she was my life during my high school days.
I cared for her, trusted her, and fell for her and both thought of doing my higher studies. Due to my situations I can’t able to join her college and she can’t join mine during my first few months of college. We were as close as before and days passed and she started avoiding me and started her new life and she is happy with it and now. She doesn’t need me in her life. Which I cannot do… I tried my best because of her, I left my few friends and now I’m standing alone with no support. I tried committing suicide this January and now she is happy and enjoying her life. If I didn’t meet her this would have not happened and I could have been like before without the heart break. Now I am addicted to smoking which I was not before. Now I am willing to commit suicide in coming days. I cannot share my feelings with others so all I can do is to share with the people like me in the world.

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  1. The first thing you need to do is forget her. Yeah well you may be thinking “I would have done that way before if I could so shut your fucking mouth”. Huh but bro, that is the only thing you can do and have to or the next thing you can do is vent all your anger in breaking things which have memories associated to her. Just vent all your anger on these things. I bet you will feel much better after this and if you still don’t then purchase a punching bag and punch it with all your strength and spit out your frustration with life. Andd if you have watched “the fault in our stars” then you might be quite familiar with the smoking metaphor. “You put that thing that does the killing inside your mouth but don’t give it the power to do it’s killing” do the exact same thing! Okay it’s not that easy but you can atleast try right. GOD! I don’t see you want to end your life. Mind me, death is seriously scarier than life, um not that i died and came back alive LOL obviously not huh. START LIFE AFRESH and don’t give a fuck to those who don’t give a fuck and lastly smile!
    — an ordinary girl who is NOT a therapist and sucks at jokes

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