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Relationships do not work with only love

RELATIONSHIP does not work with love only. This is what I learned today. I’ve been married a year ago, but as my husband found about my relationship with ex, like physical relation, he’s outraged but he is not expressing. HE TOLD ME THAT WE SHOULD MOVE OUR OWN WAY DESPITE REMAINING AS HUSBAND AND WIFE IN FRONT OF SOCIETY. I know we love each other but I don’t know what to do. He even said he will move on with any girls he wants and told me to do the same. But that’s not how I want. I want us to be happy together. I had that incident 3 years before marriage when I had not met my husband.

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  1. File for divorce girl!
    How the hell in 2017 a man is outraged to find out his girl had sex with other guys before him???!!! This man wanted an excuse to hook up with other girls while being a respectable married guys in front of society!!
    You deserved to love and to be love by a significant other who do not give a damn f*ck about your past!!

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