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Inside depression

Have you ever experienced every emotion at once? The feeling is so intense that you feel like nothingness. Waves of emotion pouring over one another – The negatives take charge. Every emotion and feeling has a positive and a negative to them. Love is pain and pain is motivation. However, every emotion has it’s opposite. So, when there is motivation, there’s lack motivation. There’s activity, there’s solitude. Violent anger, defeat. Experiencing all of these places a person on the “rack.” Being pulled from one direction to another, not knowing what’s happening, uncertain about the future, let alone the present. The worst part of this is that we do this to ourselves. It’s a battle of the mind, for the mind, against the mind. You see the reality and know it will be okay, but this state is never reasonable nor realistic. What you know is irrelevant. Then there are the battles. Not the ones of the mind, but one with people. As people, we enjoy seeing the “fix” occur in front of us. We have never experienced anything of this magnitude avoid any association. Because we hold the burden for the necessity of relationships, a mask must be worn. For fear of abandonment is rampant. Labels are made, master status changes – relationships are never the same. A choice is made, keep and hold discourse with the pain, or afflict it upon others. This responsibility is lifelong. There should be no fear in this path, for mediocre success and achievement deemed by society are the greatest one may achieve.

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