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I almost died when gave a birth

I am a dentist , 4 years ago I moved to Finland for a Finnish man, all my friends and my family turned the back to me because no one agreed with my decision, but I still moved here, I lost my friends and my family, and my profession, I could not find a job because Finnish government need me pass exams for my dentist license here, all the exams in Finnish language.

Those were not the worst, the man I married here started to beat me after half a month got married, from that time, I started to live in hell, not money, no one supported me, I almost died, until half a year later I met my ex-husband cousin, she helped me moved out and asked help from social, and went to police. After fighting 2 years in court with him, he got 3.5 years’ prison time.

I started my new life, met another man who is my husband now. He seems very nice to me, and had good heart, even I refused his chatting, he did much to get me. After 2 years dating, he proposed to me, and I married him, and gave him a baby girl. I almost died when gave a birth, but the things started to be changed after kid born, he never cares me anymore, he even does not talk to me anymore, he never asks how I am after come back from doctor, his brother insults me always , but he never stand up for me , just laughs with his brother.

Now my baby is sleeping, I am still alive is for her, she is the only reason I want to fight for my life, I have passed some subjects for my dentist license here, I want to study hard as I can to get my license as soon as possible, then I will be independent, take the kid leave this man who just used me to give him kid, I do not apply divorce now, because I do not have confidence that the court would give kid to me than him, because I just have dental-nurse part time work now, money situation is not so good as him. But he will regret in future about his cheating, insulting, bullet.

After I get the dentist license, I will apply from court he never sees thee kid anymore, because all his family are just alcoholic and drugger. I never want my kid to learn anything from them.

I had been stupid last 4 years, made 2 big mistakes in my life. from now I live only for my daughter and myself.

Study hard, fight for my daughter and my future!!!

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