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I had sex with my little sister while she was asleep with mom asleep in the same bed

I am 21 and my sister is 18. There are 3 of us living in our family. Mom me and her. I’m keeping her identity safe. Let’s pick her name by Jean. She was 17 but sexy as a 22-age girl. She had boyfriend but broke up. I always wondered if I can have sex with her. We have 2 rooms. On March 7, 2017, some guests came to our house. So me mom and my sister had or share one bed. We didn’t have problem to share one bed. So I slept beside Jean and then mom. So it was 2am. All of them were sleeping but I woke up and saw Jean was sleeping to close to me like her ass is touching my penis. The lights were off. So I felt turn on, so I decided to fuck her. There were blanket on us so I took my pants off. I saw Jean to confirm they were sleeping. I was afraid that Jean was going to wake up if she found put took my penis in her ass. I wasn’t afraid for mom because she took her daily sleeping medicine. So, she won’t wake up until morning. Jean was wearing small rubber pants and her favourite t-shirt. I took her pants off carefully – it took like in 20 minutes. Oh I felt tired because I was afraid and careful that she doesn’t wake up. Then I took sum lotion and massage my penis because her ass was tight. I took my penis into her ass slowly. She sounded like “hhhh” then I felt great. I fucked her slowly. But I was shocked that why she is still sleeping as I was fucking her. Then I moved her to fuck oral, so I took her close and her mouth was so close to my mouth. I kissed her shorts and then my afraid was gone I thought she must have been so tired all day that’s why she is not feeling anything. So I went up to her and took my penis to her pussy. As I started fucking I thought if she woke up I’ll deal with that. But she didn’t wake up. So, I fucked her, sucked her boobs. I fucked her 2 times that day. Then I took all the things as they were and went to sleep. I’m sharing this because can you friends help me that if she was awake when I was fucking her. Or she was sleeping? Does she want sex?


  1. Dude, give this person props for speaking out! He made a mistake, yes. But one mistake does not define you.

  2. I would think that you used a rubber for a assfuck. You dickhead! She was awake for the whole thing and enjoyed your big dick!!!!
    Thank you

  3. It’s obviously a bad story but my sister and I shared a room one night aswell. She had a big ass and she lined it up w my cock for no reason and giggled. I started stroking and I busted. I got turned on and had no other choice she is 4 years older than me

  4. If you stuck it in her ass and she sighed then she was awake a girl with a thight ass isn’t gonna be asleep, and lotion that’s for external use not internal also learn how too fucking talk you sound like a complete dumbass!

    However if she really did have her ass pushed up against your dick then who know’s, though you didn’t have consent and your all kinds of fucked up!

  5. She knew you fucked her! Your sister is a slut and you should take a picture of her to blackmail her. She was enjoying the ride. So use it for your own advantage and masturbate together or something. Also fuck your mom if you want.

  6. With her ass being tight like that it’s not rape cause she would have screamed and started freaking out, having her ass up against her brother like that you know it was a fantasy of hers and that’s pretty hot I would have done the samething. Especially with their mother being right there in the bed that would have been exciting, it would have been reqlly sexy if his mom had been tno that too.

    When I was kid 11, 12, and 13 at the time I didn’t know what this was but for some reason i knew it was wrong, we would be at granma and grandpa’s for the weekend playing and we would go into an old camper and I would lock the door and I use too rub 1 of my younger cousins ass and pussy while I jerked off underneath covers so her and her much younger brother couldn’t see what I was doing. I loved rubbing her asshole use to blow some big loads, use too do it too another cousin too and she was a bit younger she was more fun and a couple yrs ago I had thought about that and was like shit I should have penetrated them I could have got away with it. Those were some fun day’s back then!

  7. So I saved this storie and masturbated to it like 5 times so thx umm your sis was probably awake tho and honestly good for u but why don’t you fuck your mom she’s on sleep medicine right?lol

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