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And now I am what I am……. nothing

Hi guys,

I am raj and I am feeling lost. So lost…. My heart is so heavy and I could laugh myself for anything. Yes, I am in relationship. Earlier I was in another relationship and then we broke up. My girl proposed me when the relationship is new you know I didn’t accept it for a while like two years. She fell in love with me when I was in first relationship. First relationship was broken because her father didn’t accept it. My new girlfriend is a beautiful queen, was very eager and so tempted with whatever she does. I could see the dedication and excitement. She always used to stay in touch with me. I was busy with work and stuffs.

I live in Germany and she lives in India. But then she used to be awake for whole night and speak with me and next day she will be going to college. Now she is just ignoring me saying she is too busy. You know what I should not say I love you to her. Because it hurts for her. My problem is I am in Germany for a reason (Money). She wants me back in my hometown. I spent almost like days in my life with her. She is really nice and kind hearted.

But nowadays she changed a lot. She can also live without me is what I am thinking. I am irritated with my work life. day to day living is horrible for me. I don’t want to share this with someone who I know. I couldn’t focus and do anything. Life is so complicated and am vexed. Actually, fucked up and screwed up everywhere. I am 28 years old. I am single for a long time. I am in a long-distance relationship. I don’t like to cheat her as well. so, couldn’t approach any other girls too. Everyone in Germany is asking you should have a girlfriend with you. At this age, it is very important. I love her like anything I cannot give up on her. I already attempted suicide for my first breakup. I am sentimental idiot. what to do my parents got me that way.
And now I am what I am……. nothing

By Heartbroken guy


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