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I told him I don’t like you… but I did

I don’t know where to start from. All I know that it was magical. I’m madly in love with him. I still remember the day when we became friends, it was 16th of February 2016. He’s one of the popular guy of my college because of his dancing and singing talent. He performed on this day and believe me his dance stole my heart. Yes, it did. We had never ever talked till that day but the next day I went to him and told him, your dance was amazing last night to which he replied thankyou and insulted me with a laugh that you like this guy of our college. And with this joke our friendship began, we started spending time together. Everyone in my batch knew that I’ve started liking him and he had an idea too. We talked, talked and talked. Every Wednesday was a movie day in my college. We used to watch the late-night movies together, everything was going well. He indirectly many a times asked me about my feelings to which I always said no I don’t like you, nobody in fact. I made him believe that. Months passed by and we got to know each other properly. We went on movies together, went to juice shop together. And then December 2016. I told my feelings to him that he replied I had an idea about that, I asked you many a times directly and indirectly too but you always said no. Why would you do that?.

Now he’s in a relationship with a senior of ours. And I am happy for them seeing them together. But I’m equally sad because I lost him as a friend too. Can you guys suggest me what to do?
I love him and I know that he can’t be mine anymore. But I don’t know.

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