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Life is just like Inception

Thank you for reading this story of mine… I would like to encourage you to read this completely. I don’t know if it will be worth for you reading this, but… I would just like to share this to you… And… here goes 🙂

Many people dreamed a life full of happiness and pleasure where all bad, negative, troubles, etc, doesn’t exist… just like in “Inception”… many people watched this movie… I don’t know if you had watched or would have known this but, I’ll tell the story of it….

In the movie… the leading actor is Cobb, he created the work which is “Inception”, where you would lie down and take a sleep for a moment. then after that. you would wake up in a world of yours like a normal city which…. you can control and create anything you want… Like creating an object, curving the city while keeping it stable, creating your own house, buildings, and many more. Like creating your own soul mate in your own world… I know it is kind of complicated but all I can say is that… You can create anything that you want that can make you happy…. but all of it is not real or it is just called. “illusion” as they said…. for me… I would like to have that one… but still. It is only just a movie where this Inception thing is not real…

I hope for myself that this should have been real, but it was not… It was actually also my dream to create something that would make me happy in life even though it is just only a dream…. My life today since my childhood was so tough. I experienced so many hard problems and rough problems in my life, but still. I resolved them and it became as part of my memory…. I wish my life was a computer that whom I am the only one who can control it… where you can duplicate something… where you can turn back the time …. the time where you are still happy… where you can undo everything… I wish something like that existed… my life sucked throughout whole this year… but still.

I enjoyed them because I have my family and friends… I am actually a Middle School Basketball player, and soon… we will be fighting in a championship game… Being a great basketball player is so hard… there are times that athletes said… “Don’t ever give up on your dream. you got to protect it.” then. I did believe in that saying… but doing this in the actual situation is hard. you may seem to feel it easy when you’re still not doing it. but if you will go out there and do your stuff. You will also find it hard… you will still feel the fear, nervous, thrill, and bad expectation at your stuff, and that makes your way so hard and difficult to do. Unless if you are lucky to have a great achievement because you are skilled… well, all in all, all I can say is… “Life can get you great or too great and it can also get you bad and too bad. Just like having a random percentage…”

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