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God touched me with His Unconditional Love

Jesus has revealed to me as a son of God and not as a prophet because Jesus must be Son of God in order to come again.

Here is my Testimony how Jesus Christ came into my room as the Son of God and changed me forever.
In my Testimony I am explaining how I had Supernatural Experience with Jesus Christ.

After I finished reading the Bible I went to sleep. This happened at my grandma’s apartments. God touched me with His Unconditional Love so much that I won’t be able to explain to you because Jesus Christ came into my room where I was about to fall sleep. I haven’t seen Him, but I felt Powerful and Unexplained God’s Presence and heard the words in my spirit after God touched my spirit: Don’t be afraid, I am holding by your right hand, I love you with everlasting love. God touched me so much that I cried pretty much all night. That night God completely changed all of my life.

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