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She cheated on me because she was on meth

She cheated on me by letting a guy watch her undress then proceeded to undress as well. They both laid next to each other and masturbated their own self (my girl used a large dildo). While looking at each other naked and recording it, taking pics of each other until they both came.

My girl showed him videos of her sucking my dick and me licking her twat and booty hole. He let her see his butthole and then she forced him to suck her dildo till he gaged then she made him put the whole thing up his ass and that’s wat made her cum.

Once he came she told him to put it on the dildo and she licked some of it and put the cum dripping dildo into her pussy and pulled it out and put it deep in her ass so he could record it.

The pics ended up everywhere and it’s funny because he had a little dick like only half as big as mine. She told me it was because she slammed meth and got so horny she would have fucked a dog. I found him and beat him senseless and took her home and forced her to let me eat her ass and then without warning, raped her ass and recorded her begging me to cum already because it hurt so bad. So I pulled out and forced my shit covered cock down her throat and let loose till she had tears dripping down her cheek and I asked her to lick my ass till I let her put her finger in and I came all over her tits, slapped them till they were red. She told me I made her want to be a man so she could fuck my ass like I did hers so I could taste cum. She admitted she loved my cum on her tongue and his wasn’t like mine. A real man’s load.

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