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I fuck my mum whenever I get Horny

Hi. I’m my name is Victor. I’m 18 years old. My mom is a slut. She gave birth to me when she was 19. My dad left me when I was 2. She had no job. So, she started sleeping with men for money.
I came to know this a few weeks ago. She told me this. Now we are alone in a rental house. She leaves at 7 am and returns at 9 pm. One day I heard my mom shouting. I went to her room. A stranger was fucking her. I recorded it in my phone. Next day I showed that to her. She begged me to delete it. She said that she will give whatever I ask. I said I would like to kiss you. She accepted and showed her cheeks. But I kissed her in the lips. Then she told me “No need of blackmailing at all” and unzipped my pants and started giving a blowjob. I fucked her for twenty minutes. She said if you delete that video you can fuck me whenever you want. So, I deleted the video and now I fuck her whenever I get horny.


  1. U r a sick person. Fucking ur mom! Seriously! U should rot in hell!

  2. She slept with other to just fulfill ur fucking needs u asshole u will surely realize the pain u gave to ua mom n do respect ur mom coz no god will forgive u Fuck u asshole n ur the true mother fucker

  3. i think its hot and i would like something along those lines too 😉

  4. Like I’ve only told my mom I was horny I wanted to fuck her because my dad left and I know she has needs

  5. My mother teases me every day and she knows that i jerk to her but never stops

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