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Didn’t get a school grade as dad didn’t pay the school fees

Life, I am an eleven-year-old girl. I’m from Syria, and I live in Dubai, here is what happened to my life in the past 2 or 3 years.

In the year 2016, my dad got a call from his work place before he was even at work so he got a call and they told him don’t come to work today and just fire him (because he is Syrian) that company fired all Syrians so my dad didn’t have any work.

My family and I knew that we couldn’t stay here any longer because we don’t have anything and can’t do anything here so we applied to go to America and we got the interview but then we got denied. I believe we tried again and got denied again, before any of that happened I was a normal girl that went to school. Grading time came at school and there is a bill to pay if you wanted it so my dad didn’t pay.

I never knew that he needed to pay, at the time that all my classmates got theirs I never got mine and everyday my classmates asked me how much did you get I always said it’s a secret and that I won’t tell but they never knew that I never got it. It’s hard living like this and knowing that if you waste too much money that you might not have a future.

We applied to Canada so schools would be free and everything would be easier we applied in 2016 like maybe the 7th month and here we are still waiting we got our first acceptance. We still need 2 more and it is 21/03/2017 and we are still waiting. I hate this life and especially my Passport (Syrian Passport). I don’t go to school at the moment because my family and I thought that it won’t take long till we get accepted so no point of wasting money but here we are…

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