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By the time, I was 13 I started to feel things that make me feel so different

This is my story and I want people to know how different my life is, I am only 14 years old so please don’t criticize me… Back then (When I was 7) I used to live with freedom and always enlightened by happiness, I never felt depression, disappointment, sadness and being insane and just like any other kids I play and sleep. By the time, I was 13 I started to feel things that make me feel so different… I cared about everyone, I don’t care about myself, I make/giveaway smiles but my happiness was fake, I suffer from deep depression, insomnia, disappointment, sadness, anger and loss of sanity. I always pray for everyone (Everyone in this world) and not again I don’t pray for myself. 14 years of age (Present) I still suffer from these things, there is something wrong with me and I know it’s hiding inside me, I felt denied at some point…..I do well in school, I am healthy, but my mind is critically ill…I wanted to suicide for some reason but somewhat something is keeping me alive, which is love, I love someone but she denies me, they always say “Don’t push yourself and let go of her”, the problem is I can’t, I promised that I love her and I’ll never let go….It all started 7 years ago (2010-2017) My promise can’t be destroyed and I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time for me to love her…I always think of her and I knew it was her who keeps my sanity balanced, the one who keeps me motivated and the one who makes my personality..
Returning to the topic, I always care about bills and financial problems and like an adult who felt deep depression, insomnia, sadness and being worried. I am matured they said, I knew that, tell you what I never used diaper and drink milk when I was an infant (I think that explains my maturity) and like others (posting your food pics, selfies and posting random things) I find it inappropriate, because no one literally cares what did you do after you ate your dinner. I just want to tell everyone that my story was made from 2 categories, Life and love…. I hope you don’t criticize me for my grammar, my spelling, or how useless my story was, and always remember keep the stress away from your life…

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