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I need my mom to be with me

Hi! I’m Ash. I’m 17. I’m a Medical aspirant. I’m living away from my home for coaching. I already spent a year at this place. Now I’ve got another one year then I’ll be giving entrance exams for medical colleges. I need my mom to be with me at that time you know, to support me. But I think she can’t be there with me I think cause, she’s ill. She needs an operation and after a complete 6 months’ bed rest, so if she does the operation she’ll be free at 2018 for me, you know to support me. But her gyno says her body’s not strong enough to withstand the operation. She has to go through it after 3-4 months later. I really don’t know if she’ll be available for me. I mean I really need her at that time. I need my emotional support from her. And another problem grew that, I just found out that my dad has got high sugar and cholesterol, and he needs to take regular insulin shots. But he’s scared actually so he’s taking medicines. And he has a traveling job. Mom can’t always look after his diet. And normally when he’s out of the house, his diet is very unhealthy for his heart. And he’s an alcoholic. He needs to be stopped or else my mom won’t be able to come to support me. And dad can’t come because of his business thing. I don’t know what to do. I’m going to talk to him of course over phone. I hope to god that this stops him. And at the same time there are hearings of courts which my mom needs to attend. It’s a family case that my dad’s brother filed against our family specially against my mom and my brother. And that is another state. My had to catch a flight to reach there. And they set hearings every now and then. My mom has to there and have an operation and she have to look after my dad and she have to come to me to support me. She’ll get ill. And honestly, I’m very serious about my studies until last year. I wasted a lot of time you know partying eating food, outings, Hangouts, etc. I disappointed my mom a lot. I don’t want to disappoint her this year. But I’m scared that I’m going to repeat the same mistake again and disappoint her again. So, I needed her to support me. But I can’t be so selfish you know risking her life to save mine. I can’t do that. I love her so much. I guess I have to be strong enough so that I don’t need her to come to me. But I’m scared that am I be able to do that? Am I that strong? I don’t know the answer.

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