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That’s what I witness tonight

That’s what I witness tonight:

She was seductive, tall, busty and provocative at will. Although a little confused by all the booze he took in the evening, she managed to still look stunning. Her friends had left her a few minutes earlier to leave with their conquest of the night. She was now alone, in search of a person willing to keep her company. Thus, like a lioness seeking her prey in the savanna, she stepped toward that friendly-looking boy who was quietly smoking his cigarette. The lady lost no time and told him she was alone and that she was looking for company. Perhaps, it was a tactic to convince her interlocutor to bring her with him, but without warning, she pulls up her shirt showing her attributes. The young man, pleasantly surprised, invited the beautiful stranger to his table.
On this table stood a pitcher of beer, around which joyful fellows were entertaining festive conversations. One of these, whom one could call the bearded guy, immediately attracted the gaze of the beautiful woman. Perhaps it was due to the seductive power of the beard… Nobody really knows, but one thing remains certain, our smoker did not have any other chance to talk to the lady again.
An undeniable force of attraction united the beautiful girl and the bearded guy. Suddenly, by mutual agreement, they decided to consume their mutual attraction by going into this dark corridor that led to the toilet.

A few minutes later, the bearded man returned to his table, but this time, without his beauty. His companions saw with amazement that the lady was now on the lap of another young man. Not only had she found another boy, but already two were kissing each other as if their lives depending on it…

Concerned for the poor bearded man, his friends asked him how he was feeling, since his beauty had already left him for another.

The latter replied, “Well, I came into her mouth when we were in the toilet… So that’s the idiot who is kissing her who’s having a huge surprise!”


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