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I gang bang my mom with my friends

Hi, my name is John. I’m 19. My mom is 38. She was born as a slut. She ran away with her boyfriend at 17. He left her after 1 year, when he came to know that she is pregnant. From then she is on her own. She had no money. She had to sleep with landlord for rent. When I grew up, she started working at a night club. When I was 11, she became a prostitute. She became famous soon. Then she started working at a bigger night club. After working there for a year, she fell in love with the owner. He married her. He was a business man. He let her sleep with his partners to grow his business. One day she refused and he divorced her and gave her a house and 1 million USD. We were alone for a long time. One day a black guy came to our house. I was in upstairs. I heard my mom shouting. That guy was fucking my mom. My 16th b’day came. She asked me what do you want. I said you. She did not reply and left. After finishing our dinner, I went to my room to sleep. She was there naked on my bed. She said happy birthday son, I am your gift take me. I fucked her for 20 minutes. Now I fuck her whenever I get horny. Even I gang bang her with my friends.


  1. You are a sick person. Get some help before it’s too late. Your mom needs help as well.

  2. I had the chyance to fuck my mom once , but I didn’t she wasw a very sexy woman.

  3. Yes, you definitely need to share her with a large group of you friends.

  4. I walked in while my mom was with three men and two women one being her brother and her dad. I watched until my uncle asked if I wanted a turn – I tool four sloppy turns and screwed my grandmother. Best sex I eve had.

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