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The Abusive In-Laws

Hello everyone out there.
I recently got married to the guy I loved from the core of my heart. And we are also soon expecting a baby in due course of time. Our marriage was completely opposed by my family and hence no one supports it yet. I had known my husband for a very long period of time before getting married. However, after my marriage was the first time I had an actual interaction with my in-laws. My eldest brother-in-law is a wild man. The way they both keep fighting and abusing each other makes me feel sick. I’m so afraid to even look at them, let alone talk to them. These people have become my worst nightmare. I don’t understand what to do whom to share my feelings with? My husband also gets stressed with all this happening knowing well what kind of a silent person I am. I simply feel like locking myself up in the room and crying all day and night long till all the pain and fear inside me vanishes away. I love my husband a lot. His mom and dad are also really very good at heart but just because of my brother-in-law I don’t feel like being here anymore. I feel like I’ve fallen into a pit full of snakes that will rip my soul out and leave me lifeless. I hate being here. Please someone help me out

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