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I want to share how I feel

I want to share how I feel because I cannot share my feelings with anyone in person as I very much fear being judged. I do not even speak to my parents about that properly, even I think that what will they think, also I fear that they might get worried about me.
I am not satisfied with myself, in any terms of life, I want to improve myself, in general I am a very normal guy who is confident looks good but inside I am not happy with myself I am not content right now. I always do compare myself with others. I am not behaving good with my family.
I do not live my life being myself , I don’t like this part of my life.
I try to be someone else all the time in front of strangers, I am tired of pleasing others, I don’t want to do that ,I want to live a happy, confident, high of self-esteem life.
There are days I am very happy and there are days I am very sad about myself.
I till now haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life or in my life.
I just want to be a successful person and want to inspire all.
I want to bring many changes in my life for good.
I also want to quit my habit of giving up.
I have a bad habit that I never think what I am doing or speaking.
I don’t have control of myself right now, I want to control myself.
I think I would love to become a masseur

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