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From childhood, I just saw domestic violence in my home

Life doesn’t always offer everything you want. Some have brain but no beauty, some have beauty but no brain and some have both but no happiness. My life is somewhat like this. people say only those who are special they only get a daughter as a beautiful gift from god. But is this really true. My father never loved us because we were just girls. From childhood, I just saw domestic violence in my home. I always felt jealous whenever I saw my friend’s dad. I cried most of the times. I never shared my feelings with anyone as I thought by doing so I will lose my friends. But my friends also betrayed me. When I always compromise, they think that yes, they were absolutely right and continue to do the same mistakes. I value them so much with fear of losing them but they….

Many times I thought when I sleep I should never wake up or maybe I can lose my memory and start it over again. Life is a thorny path for me without an ounce of petals.

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