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Must be trying to take revenge for worrying her

The wind suddenly rose, a cold shiver ran down my spine. Hurry up! Hurry up! that’s all I was saying to myself, regretting that I had parked my car so far away. I started running as the first few drops of rain touched my cheeks. I opened the door of my car and closed it almost as soon. I looked out the window. The sky was tar-black and the large clouds were moving towards me. I heard a tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out their beads of water. Puddles began plinking as the rainfall became heavier. The roofs of the cars danced with spray and I could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window. It sounded like the buzzing of angry bees.

I sighed. It had been a long day. It was good to be home. I turned the key, before opening the door I raised my wrist to see the time. Oh, My God! it was 3:33, Kathrine (Kate) must have been worried. The battery of my cell was dead hours ago. Stupid me! didn’t do the damn homework. Ugh….and forgot car keys in the car. I want back to pack up the keys. when I come back I could hear pounding on the other side of the door!!!! Probably, Kate. Must be trying to take revenge for worrying her. I turned the key the second time and suddenly opened the door.

To my surprise there was no one. Who was knocking the door? A few spooky thoughts approached my mind. Nonsense! I put the thoughts straight off. I am starting walking towards Kates room. “Anastasia? You home? Would you please help me with these books, they are too many?” Kate said really very politely, in fact, I had never heard her so polite. The voice came from the basement. I wasn’t even sure it was a Kate, Kate was not a “please” kind of person, instead she was like’ help me or I’ll kill you’. I remembered how scared and terrified she was when she first stepped into that basement, since then she never ever even talked about it and want mad at anyone who asked.

“are you coming, Anastasia?”, this time it was straight-forward that it wasn’t Kate. She always called me Ana, but whoever this was had called me Anastasia 2 times. “Okay, she must be doing a prank”, I said to myself. I walked past the refrigerator, as the yellow sticky-note on the black refrigerator caught my attention “Out with Ellie, Will come back in the morning” the note said.

My throat burned with fear. I clenched my fists as I hesitantly took each step. I noticed my feet tremble. My legs twitched, fighting the impulse to whirl around and sprint down that damp, shadowed corridor; my throat closed in threat of screaming. My jaw became tight.’’ Kate?’’, I asked. No answer. ’’If you’re trying to scare me, I lose, okay. Please come out’’, I say. My voice all shaky. No answer.

I couldn’t breathe, it felt as if someone was choking me. My heart was racing and all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save me. But no one would, no one was there. A choked cry for help forced itself up my throat, and I felt a drop run down her cheek. It seemed as if this was the end of the road for my life, end of the time, the world for me. I wish this was a nightmare and I’d suddenly wake up.

The door behind me opened. “Ana, what happened”, Kate, who was standing behind me asked. ’’who was in the basement, where you not there’’, I asked, all terrified and mad. “No I wasn’t. Didn’t you see the note on the refrigerator?” She asked. Our conversation carried on and we ended up deciding to leave the house.

The other day when we visit our big old neighbour, he tells us that it’s a haunted house that we’ve been living in!

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