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I am tired from this relationship

I am literally depressed you know main I am tired from this relationship she always says I love you. but she uses to say this before also and one night she said I still miss him it hurt me a lot but still I kept quiet! Now she’s going to a wedding after to a friend of her who is a guy. I don’t like him. Or I don’t what’s wrong with me but the way she speaks about him makes me feel worst like we will get some time to spend together etc. and still she says I love you. what if one day she goes for him and leaves me alone …! I tried to tell you but she isn’t going to understand me…! I am just tired from all this crap…! It’s like not I am not trusting her or anything other but I don’t want her to go there…! She’s a mood changer and I guarantee one day she will fall for him, and just let me go and I don’t want to go into a depression state she has changed me a lot first. I use to focus only on my career but after her all this love relationship and every single day fight then I love you and then over sometimes. I feel like let’s finish this off! I don’t know But I don’t know whether I trust her or not…! I am just upset from all the crap going through my head as we all know I love you and I am sorry this are just words just simple words and on today’s world. They don’t even matter.

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