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Just mother and me

I just want to run away with my mother to the forest. Away from the city. Away from my father. Away from my brother. Just me and my mother. Woman to woman. I want to wake up near her in the forest, and have her see me basking in the morning sun. Without worry about contacting dad on the cell phone. Without any worry at all. Just us, together in the sun. We will walk around like goddesses on the forest floor. Gently sipping morning tea and reading books among the dewy leaves. Just mother and me. Just mother and me. And she will see me. And she will see me. And I will see her. And we will smile. Away from the city, she will see beauty in my womanly figure. Away from the city, she will see me as a goddess. Goddess of the summer, goddess of the forest. My curves will suddenly appear beautiful to her, as the morning light streams through the forest canopy and graces my gentle hips. Draws light from my soul into my eyes. Daughter dearest. And then I will unlock her soul and let her crawl into my womb. And I will rebirth her soul anew.

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