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I’m Addicted To Sex – My Sex Life Story

First of All, English is not my main language. So, please try your best to understand me.

I’m sharing this because I can’t afford it any more. I want to share it with somebody because this is crazy so I wanted to share it with anonymous.

I’ve been tired of cheating with my wife. It’s something that I can’t control. I feel guilty every time but it is unstoppable.

It was starting when I was a little kid. I was 6 years old and I saw a movie that contains a love scene. I re-watched the scene like 6 times. I am now 34 years old. Still remember!

As kids, I played the pride and the groom game. It’s a game that kids pretended to be adult as father and mother. I always been the groom, and when I be alone with the pride I always touch her ass, legs, pussy. I was kissing and licking. I was 7-9 years old!

Since I was 10 years old, the other girls stopped playing with me. I was trying to find another who allow me to play this game. I found no one!

Because I’m handsome as others tell me. My niece and I playing hide and seek with the kids. So, she always hides with me. I used this play to touch her and she accepted for a while then she stopped.

After this, I was 13 years old, my sister’s home maid seduced me and I accepted. She was an adult, young, pretty and sexy. She was blocking the bathroom’s door when I was inside, so when I try to go out she was giving me her back and standing and but her hands back and give a sign by her fingers that says, ” bring your dick in my hands so I grab it” All this happened while we are watching kids in front of us. It’s happened several times with this house maid and then she left. But I always remember her.

Thinking of this house maid made me think of our house maid. Her name was Sophia. She was older and not as pretty but I wanted to do nudity with any female. So, when she is washing dishes I was coming very close to her and touch her booty and body. She wasn’t accepted but not refused too. I was waiting for the best time to be alone with her so I can make her naked. My family finally went to another city for 8 hours so I was alone with her that day. I started seducing her and touched her and by force I made her naked until I cum. She was refusing and crying all time. Then she told my mother and I got in big trouble! All family knew about what happened so I was a shame of myself.

After 3 years I seduce my niece, she was only 7 years old. I don’t know why I did this. However, she was accepting. Every time I remember this, I feel shame! I didn’t fuck her but I was trying to do anal with her. She was young but I was sick of sex. At that time, I was searching for sex movies I was travelling to buy sex CDs. And I brought my niece to watch with me and simulate what we watch. She sucks my dick and I cum on her face. I licked her pussy I did many positions with her. That has happened for 2 years more. Then, my mom caught me. And she blames me very strong. I was a shame of myself. My mother always crying when she caught me. In addition, threatening me to cut my penis.

Since housemaid that my mom knew I didn’t try to seduce any one. Many of them came to our house but I wasn’t thinking of them. In 2002 my mom brought one her name is Fazaria. I wasn’t interested on as before. I didn’t want to be caught. After three years I felt something inside me. Feeling that lead me to take the action and seduce her. While she was cooking I went to the kitchen and in fast move I kissed her. She didn’t refuse! So, I did it next day and she didn’t refuse. I repeated the kiss with body touches next days and she was returning the kiss back. Even with tongue! Finally, this is the one.

I decided to go to next level by getting her naked. In morning while everyone sleeping. She was cleaning the living room so I invited her to my room and she came so we closed the door and we did nudity. I was the first one for her. She didn’t know how to do nudity but she wanted to. She was a virgin. She is older than I of 2 years. I didn’t fuck her. I don’t know how to fuck a pussy. I didn’t want to because I was afraid. It was only scratching my dick on her pussy, sucking, hugs, getting naked. But this time I was smart so I didn’t get caught by mom. She’s also smart and careful. After a while I decided to do anal. In the beginning, it was hurting her, but later on, she adores anal. Even she was calling me to come to her room while everyone sleeping. We did a lot of sex. We did sex in a front of mirrors. That make sex sexier. I got a mobile with a camera so I was filming our sex. It was fun and sexy. All of this happened when I was in college. Most of the year only Mom and I live at home with this Fazaria. So, there was enough time to have sex specially when Mom go to work. Our relation came strong day after day. I go to her room while she’s down stair and pick the under wear that I wanted her to wear and put it in her bed so in midnight she wears it for me. It was real sex.

In 2006 I went to US to learn English for six months. I miss her so much. When I get back I fucked her anal in the first night. It was the longest cumshut ever.

While we are having sex at my room, there is another house maid her name is Kamilia who works with my sister was watching but we didn’t know. So, she SMS me that she wanted to have sex with me. I like this.

Kamilia is prettier than Fazaria. 2 girls are better than one! So, I fucked her, she was hotter and sexier. She wasn’t a virgin but I didn’t fuck her pussy because I don’t want to. The first one got jealous, and because my Mom likes her so much so she was using this to force me to not have sex with the others. In another hand, she told her friend that we have done nudity so her friend seduces me to have sex with her. So, my mom and the Fazaria travelled to another city for vacation and I stayed at home alone. Her friend her name is Noor called me and seduce me. So, I brought her at home and had sex, very strong sex. It was anal. I showed her porn movie and we simulated it. It was very strong sex. But my dick got sick so I went to a doctor and he said don’t jerk off strongly. I didn’t tell him I did sex. So, I call of my relationship with this Noor.

I was an internet addicted. I always chat with girls, the liked me. I have a sense of humour. I knew an Egyptian girl on 2006, she loved me and so I did. I was loving girls so fast LOL. This Egyptian girl is lovely and pretty. I went to Egypt 4 times to see her. 1st time on 2009 I met her as lovers. It was romantic. We didn’t have sex. 2nd time on 2011 we did anal. While this time I was loving another 3 girls from my country. Actually, one of them was a woman her name is Fatto, married, has 2 kids. But she loved me. I went to her city then I fuck a pussy for the first time! It was a new feeling. She was so pretty. She has big boobs and big ass. I love these bodies. I fucked her twice on 2009. The other girl was living in my city her name is Maya. She has pretty body. She is shy. We were meet each other in the car. We did nudity. And when my home empty we go there. I didn’t fuck her pussy because I believe she is a virgin.

But that once, she grabs my dick into her pussy and I fucked her. It was a crazy feeling. Her pussy is the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. And she told me she is married and she has a daughter but her husband is in a jail. She loves me and I did so.

While that there is the third girl her name is Emma. She was crazy of chatting and mobile talking. I meet her on car and lick her asshole and pussy. She loves it!

In 2011 I get married as traditional way in my country. My family choose my pride. She is pretty and cute. But she has no relation with sex! She is very cold. In the first 6 months of my marriage I didn’t cheat. But Fazaria forced me to have sex with her. Fazaria got jealous of my wife. She was telling me that she wanted to have pussy sex with me. She is a virgin. So, she ends this and became not virgin. So, we started to have sex in secret. Fazaria is very hot. When I fuck her, there is milk get out of her pussy. It’s sexy!

So, I got back for the rest one by one, I met Fatto 2 times more. She is expert of sex. She is the first one that I cum on mouth. I couldn’t forget that feeling!

I fucked Kamilia several times also, but Fazaria didn’t know. I loved Kamilia sex more than Fazaria. So Kamilia asked money for sex so I did. To be continued…

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