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A period that even stained the school’s chair

My life is an embarrassing mess. Today at school, I had the worst period ever. I was casually going about my day like usual until I realized that the blood seeped through my pants. The worst part? I was wearing a pad. Because I’m such a shy person, I wasn’t able to tell anyone about my situation or even ask to go to the bathroom. In one of classes I realized that not only did the blood seep and stain my pants but they also stained the school’s chairs.

At this point I was freaking out even more. I couldn’t do anything! Imagine going up to a teacher and telling them “Oh hey, I am having my period right now but unfortunately the blood seeped through my pants and stained your chair in the process!” That would ruin me for life. Not only would my other classmates hear but imagine their reaction!

Lunch time came and I quickly left the class, making sure that my blood-soaked pants were not visible. As lunch ended I found that I not only stained my teachers chair, but I also stained the cafeterias lunch chairs… In shock and fear that someone might point it out, I ran to the bathroom to clean myself.

During this point, I felt shameful that I let this happen to me, or even that I didn’t have the courage to even tell the school’s nurse. By the end of the school day I ended up staining 5 chairs. By the time I got to the bus I sat down and couldn’t wait to get home! But of course, the worst things in life had to happen. I ended up staining the bus’s seats as well…

The worst part was that people were around me and I had no clue on what to do! Everything was a nightmare! I tried to discreetly clean myself up. I was in fear that someone might have noticed. When I finally got home, I realized that I have also stained my shirt and backpack… The fact was that no matter where I went to hide the embarrassment that I had brought to myself or to clean my filthy being, people were there. Whether it be to skip class and hide out in the bathroom to gossip or to ask you to stand and compare height, they will be there. From this entire day, I ended up wondering. Is God testing me?

Were my praters from today to save me from this embarrassment rejected and forced into more fear and pain?

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  1. The same thing happened to me. But not only once EVERY time im on my period and lets just say not many 6th graders have their period and the worst part is sometimes kids point it out and it’s even more emberressing. So your not the only one.

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