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I started cutting myself about a few months ago

Hi, I am a preteen girl who may suffer from depression, paranoia and may be suicidal. I used to be bullied a lot because of my weight and how I look. I finally gave in because I know I am fat and stupid and ugly nothing can change this. I started cutting myself about a few months ago to take away the mental pain. I recently got into a fight with my twin brother and that didn’t help. I did not tell anyone about my depression or suicidal thoughts. I started to lock myself away from society and I did try to attempt suicide once but I couldn’t find the pills I needed. My sister suffers from autism and kids in my homeroom joke about autism and they joke about abuse and suicide and depression too. Even my own friend does, and she is my best friend. My suicidal thoughts and depression just will not go away. My friend just told me today that she thinks all the girls in our class are ignoring us which made me feel sad. I had lied many times about my personality because I am afraid of what people will think. The reason I am putting my story out there is because I think if you share what your feeling with someone, it might help.

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  1. I am also depressed.
    But, for reasons you probably wouldn’t be able to relate to…
    Anyways, talking does help. For starters, you are not ugly, or fat or stupid
    Your smart enough to know that some things shouldn’t be taken that lightly(like the making fun off autism, depression, and stuff)
    You are NOT ugly. In fact everyone on this earth is beautiful in their own way…
    And I don’t care if your 400 pounds
    I have a cousin, who is about 200-300, and I love her just the same. And she is one of the nicest people I know…
    Look Hun, not everyone is perfect. Just be your self because you sound like an amazing person!
    Hope I have helped.
    PS: try getting a counselor–they help…

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