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I feel neglected

Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it any longer. I feel lonely, I feel neglected and I feel like it wouldn’t make a difference if I’d be gone for good. Then I see stuff, stuff that’s way worse than how I feel. I see children who work ten hours a day to make very little money which they have to share with their entire family. I absolutely despise myself for thinking about leaving everything and everyone behind while they have to live like that. I feel ungrateful that I can’t feel genuinely happy in this life while they always try to make the best of stuff. But still, I feel like closing my eyes, falling asleep and never wake up again.


  1. Hey buddy. I feel the same way. But some part of me always has hope that something amazing will come along the way and all the bad things will blur out. I can only imagine how you feel. Taking your life is never gonna do anything. Just hope for the best, have faith and everything will be fine.

  2. Look, I was and am going through some personal crap and I know it sucks…
    I thought the exact same way that you do, when I tried to open up, I was told things like:
    =People have it worse
    =How do you think I feel?
    And It sucks when all you want to do is greive.
    My advice is to share your stories or write it down.
    I sought help with a counselor
    And I still have my days when I don’t want to live
    But at least I know I have someone to talk to…
    Best of luck bro…

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