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Young long distance relationships

Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m thirteen years old. My birthday is in October and I’m almost fourteen.

I have blond, long hair and blue eyes.

When I was twelve I moved to The United Kingdom.

I did not want to move but I did for my mom.

I went to a school in London and I had to learn English, I did not make a lot of friends because I was too shy to talk to people.

When I moved I started to talk to a lot of random people on the Internet because my friends from Iceland didn’t talk much to me so I made a lot of friends on the internet.

One day many boys started to hit on me on the internet. Every time when a boy asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes because I did not want to hurt them. But when I realized that I was becoming a ‘player’, I didn’t say yes to them, but one day a boy started to talk to me and I thought he only wanted to be friends, he was very friendly and good to me but then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said “yes“ because I liked him.

When I went to Iceland I went with my friends to meet him because I didn’t want to go alone and he also took his friends with him… his friends came because they thought we would kiss… I don’t kiss boys when I meet them for the first time, I want to get to know them better.

When I went back to The UK he kind of stopped talking to me, he talked to me like once a day and I had the feeling he was going to break up with me. Then I got a message from him 3-5 days after I came home from Iceland and he sent me a screenshot of a conversation of a girl asking him to be her boyfriend. Then he sent me that he was going to break up with me because I lived so far away.

I got a little upset so I cried and cried and I ate a lot of food. When I found out that he started to date a girl I was really upset because a week hadn’t even passed after he broke up with me so I went to the kitchen and took a knife and cut my hand.

It took me a long time to get over him but in the end, I did. I stopped talking to boys except my friends, not so long ago I went to Iceland again but I didn’t go to the mall which is where I met my Ex for the first time. I had a really great time in Iceland because I met most of my friends and it was so fun that I didn’t want to go back.

A week before I had to go back to the UK I met these younger boys and they were playing football and I like football a lot so I asked them if I could play football with them and they said it was okay. I was with one of my friends and my twin sister they were always going to some shop to buy redbull so they were really hyperactive after a while there were some boys that the younger boys knew and I was really embarrassed because I was playing football with little kids and my twin sister and my friend went to the boys and were asking them a lot of questions.

I got really irritated so I asked the girls to go back inside with me but they did not want to.

When they decided to go inside I didn’t want to go inside because I felt like I had to do everything they told me to do so I did everything they didn’t want to do, then my friend called my mom and snitched so my twin and my friend went inside but I stayed with the boys but all the boys went somewhere except one, he stayed with me. When the girls came back I asked the boy to tell them that I wasn’t with him and he didn’t know where I was and he said that to them.

I started to get a little cold and he saw it and took his jacket of and asked if I wanted to borrow it. From that moment ’till now I really like him a lot, when the girls found me I asked him really quickly what his snapchat name was before I left because I knew that if I didn’t I wouldn’t see him again. When I came back inside my mom got really mad and I mean really mad, she almost made me go back to the UK.

When I was going to sleep I got a notification on snapchat and it was the boy I met, he asked if I wanted to meet him the next day. The next day when I met him I was really shy, I don’t know why, I think it was because I liked him a lot. He asked me to meet him again every day.

On Saturday when I met him I noticed that he was always looking at me. When I went inside I googled “signs that a boy likes you“. He sent me something on snapchat, he asked me to be his girlfriend! I was so happy, I said yes to him! And I met him every day ’till I went back to the UK.

Now I’m in The UK and it’s been almost 3 weeks since we started dating, I’m not really happy about our relationship because he doesn’t talk to me that much, he talks to me like once a day, if I’m lucky he talks to me more than once a day. I still hope that someday he will talk a lot more to me and we will be together for a really long time.

I know a lot of you think I’m too young to have a boyfriend but I really. I still hope that someday he will talk a lot more to me and we will be together for a really long time.

I know a lot of you think I’m too young to have a boyfriend but I really like him and I think that people are never too young for love.



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