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How I masturbated and squirted when I was 8 [TUTORIAL]

I was 8 years old when I started Masturbating actually when I did not know about it. I hardly knew anything about it and to my surprise I did not even know it was called as masturbation. The procedure I followed was really funny… I don’t know. But here’s what I used to do:

Get under the cot.

Remove my panties.

Widen my legs.

Take an ointment, use it as a lubricant.

Apply it all over clitoris. (plenty amount)

Spread it all over.

Hold the lips of vagina with right hand wide enough.

Put my left middle finger till the end of the anus.

Shake the clitoris, rub it until I cum. In fact, I used shiver still never stopped till I squirted. I Tapped the middle point of my clitoris. I used to ejaculate quite a lot.

Smell the ejaculation and get off the cot.

Wear back my panties and pretend as if nothing happened.

Repeat the same.

If required in front of the mirror.


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