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I demanded a break up

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. Throughout this period of time we have countless arguments in which mostly he claimed to be caused by my insecurities and over thinking.

There are incidents in the past whereby he is very close to other girls which made me uncomfortable. The most recent one is I found out that he has been flirting with this particular co-worker.

I also later found out that they have been going out behind my back. I confronted him but he refused to explain in which he burst in anger and demanded a break up. I was left with unanswered questions in my head on why he did it or what have they done.

I then spoke to the co-worker about our break up. She said she was sorry and didn’t knew it will lead to this. She said she was just being friendly. A week later I saw pictures of them together.

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  1. I hate this kind of story because I can relate to how you feel right now. It sucks that your boyfriend is such an idiot. Sorry about that.

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