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This is why you should not do drugs

To all those who are complaining of life, to all those who wants to commit suicide, and to all those that they think they are very smart to beat all.

I want to share my experience in the past ten years to help those who thinks they are helpless.

There is no need to introduce myself but call me whatever you see it appropriate.

All I can say I’m from an Arab country born and raised with 3 elder sisters who don’t give a passing thought of me. being the youngest means the spoiled one from my parents so let’s start:

I was sent to study abroad in Malaysia, so due to my foolishness I got into a friendship with some guys in a university that is known as a fancy and problematic place to study.

These “good” friends introduced a drug called marijuana at first, so I liked it and started smoking on a daily base till I stopped going to my studies due to my laziness. Then these “good” friends did a good job by introducing “ice” with weeks without sleep without nutrition losing weight and losing my head.

I just want to share a fact while I was studying my first year I got a GPA of 4.9 out of 5 and as well as being a multi languages teacher with many mini awards in the university, job experiences in many fields such as a DJ, event manager, PA, teacher, choreography, programmer, website designer and more trust me, but these “good” friends of mine planned it and destroyed it completely and I gave them the way to, so this is their plan:

1- Get me high to not even think and it’s me to blame.
2- Inviting me to a “good” friend house for an after party.
3- Planning to leave me alone in the house saying they need to buy some “stuff”
4- Calling the police
5- Being caught red handed of smoking drugs
6- Planting kilos of marijuana in a bedroom in the same house I was caught in
7- Going to jail not for smocking but for trafficking
8- In Malaysia drug trafficking leads to a death penalty and that is why I’m typing this to warn other students there to not even think of drugs whether for business or for personal usage.
9- I was sent to prison.

Unlike other prisons due to no human rights in the country stated above, the prison is as follows:

Sitting in a room with thirty to thirty five inmates knowing the room is as big as your own living room, no beds, no pillows just a blanket. The floor similar as the street road, dirtiness, many sicknesses, then the important of all you can never go out from the room except to the court which is one a month or 1 in 6 to 8 months.

So I stayed there for 3 years to prove my innocence that’s cause I’m lucky, to others it is quite impossible unless a miracle from God.

I tried suicide but there is nothing to kill myself with. There is no clothes just 2 pairs of a uniform, no good food it’s just white rice and fried fish every day, complete dirtiness specially in the toilets it’s a hole in the floor, no water to shower except 2 big buckets a day to share with all which means 1 cup to shower once a day, no pencil, no books to read, no TV, no news from the outside world.

I am not trying to condemn the country let’s be frank it’s beautiful, friendly, and so exciting being here, I’m simply trying to warn NO TO DO DRUGS causes even if you are the richest of the richest they will never spare you if you get caught. So PLEASE use your brains very well.

Now that I’m out I could not even walk, my body is shacking like a grandma, luckily, I got some few minor skin infections only. Be smart LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL IF YOU HAVE MINOR DIFFICULTIES JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND PLAN IT WELL “USE YOUR BRAINS PLEASE”.

Go enjoy the outdoor God created for us, cause in my experience for the time been I cannot get exposed to the sun for a long time.

So what did I loose:
1- Not completing my studies NO GRADUATION, NO DEGREE.
2- Losing my family’s trust
3- My reputation
4- My future
5- NOW I’m with nothing to 0
6- My dad’s health due to the shock I’ve put him in.

So my family was supporting me financially for years with no result they simply had so much faith in me to become somebody with good future plans. I simply destroyed myself and my family along so this is what you should think of before taking any step, don’t be selfish, think twice before any decision you make.

This story is completely real, just share it with others for warning purposes only.

Thanks for reading and God Bless you.

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  1. However, I’m glad that you are better now and life didn’t stop, you are alive! Go and do the things you couldn’t do. Hope you a good life!

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