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Went on a chatroom and fucked myself with a brush

I feel like I am a woman trapped in a man’s body. When I watch TV and I see music videos of Demi Lovato, and Meghan Trainor I would be so intrigued by how they acted. I uses to think that I was just attracted to them until realized I wanted to be them!

So, one day when my parents weren’t I sneaked into my step mom’s dresser and stole a pair of panties a bra and dress and stole my sisters wig she had for a play and just felt so comfortable I even stuffed the bra. I then got brave and went on a chatroom and fucked myself with a brush while a guy watched and masturbated I never felt so great. The next month I put an ad on craigslist saying a tranny wants to be dominated.

I meat a guy he made me feel like a woman. We had sex and we spooned and I felt like myself I was happy

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