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We are in fact catering to women’s delusions

So, as I spend more time getting to know life, getting to know species, our planet mate’s animals, I’m therefore getting to know the mysterious mind of a woman… I’ve learned by now that humans have to have fear as a basic instinct, in the past it helped us to not be eaten by a dragon or so… but now, the instinct to protect us still here, but we’re certainly not trying to protect ourselves from becoming a Schnitzel… We’re now using this instinct to calm our brain by making up layers of lies about ourselves – delusions…

Buddhism says Delusions are distorted ways of looking at ourselves, other people, and the world around us–like a distorted mirror, they reflect a distorted world. ~ Transform Your Life, p. 7

And distort we our views do we distort, just to make our minds happy. Working in a fashion world I sometimes find myself with this look …When it comes to women’s opinion about their bodies, distortion of thinking is at its maximum. Some women know it how it is, live it how it is, carry it how it is and dress it how it is… that’s the minority. Very few, and that’s as rare, as banana thinking that it’s the size of a watermelon, is meeting a woman who sees herself larger then she is. And that woman is usually a size of not even banana, more likely asparagus. But, you’d be surprised, majority of females believes themselves to be a minimised version of their true body size!!! So, a lady has bust of a size 14, bum of a size 16, waist 14, bicep- size 14, but yet she says I’m a 12… and then can’t fit into a size 12. ‘I’m returning this because I can’t fit into it’…
What???? And of course, our political correctness and sublime British politeness would not permit us to say: ‘well mam, have you tried an appropriate size?’. Common sense?

And that’s where I get stones thrown at me. Hold on. Hold on! We are now making clothes bigger, so she can continue with comfortable delusions. We are in fact catering to women’s delusions so her feelings don’t get hurt. In fact, it’s hurtful to watch a woman to be in denial. So now we’ve made you a larger dress, labelled it smaller, has that help you to look skinnier? Or it just pacified your mind. How many other things in life we distort, fake, pretend, and pacify ourselves with so we can hide the truth. Clothing is just one thing, what about a man, job, relationships, your fears, your own personality… How is seeing the truth, accepting and loving it worse than living your life with fantasy in your head. Fantasy is in your head, everyone else outside of it sees it how it is.

Girls, why not say to yourself I have thighs of this or that number, bum of this and that number, age of this or that number, cellulite as cottage or swish cheese, boobs looking like stretched French baguette dough and it’s fine by me, cause it’s me, cause now it’s supposed to be like this, because it is. It becomes a problem only if you believe that it’s a problem. I say – how it is now, it must be so, it’s my reality, my job to accept, respect and relax into it, not hide it, fight it, embellish or be hurt by it… The only time we’re truly hurt when we don’t control our delusions and make out Missus Reality to be the bad one. I love Missus Reality and she’s become my best friend and so I’m free to be any number. Love your numbers too!!!

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