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My poor dogs when we became homeless

In September twenty sixteen I was twelve years old my family lost our house and had to go live with our grandmother. It was me, my fifteen-year-old sister and my mom in a tiny room with thirteen clocks three beds a bookshelf, piano, and all of our clothes and favourite toys and other stuff.

My step father was a truck driver so he never stayed with us also because there was only one room and my grandparents were mad at him for wasting money all the time and being careless.

Before we lost our house, we had three amazing dogs. Lyman, our step father was never home because as I had said before he was a truck driver. When he was home he was lazy demanding and careless of us kids.

It was me, my big sis, our nineteen-year-old brother and he never cared about us and when he was home he abused our dogs right in front of me and it was very traumatising for me and my sister. Our dogs were different sizes a small dog a medium dog and a large dog and sometimes they would get into fights and viciously attack one of our dogs.

We didn’t know what to do it always ended with blood. But I loved them all so much and never wanted to get rid of them. When we became homeless we had to put them in an expensive kennel it looked exactly like a shelter the dog we had had for six years thought we were getting rid of her. The other two did not know what was going on.

They were so scared and we left them there all three stuffed into a small cage with a water and food bowl and the cold hard concrete floor, alone. When the kennel couldn’t keep them anymore we took them back. And put them into a different kennel. They were so confused and so sad. We missed them so much and we did that over and over for months.

Until a bill got so bad that the kennel secretly gave our dogs to a rescue group and tried to get us to pay even though they had already got rid of our dogs. We found out and went to get them back but the rescue group said that they were malnourished and had some scars on their paws so they would not let us have them but they did not think about how they had been in kennels for months so it would not be our fault.

So, when they did an adoption event we only had enough money for the cheapest dog’s fee so we sent our friend to go adopt her but when she got there she had just been adopted and our other dogs were so happy and they thought that they would go home but we had to leave them and watch them get adopted by other families. And so now they are gone and I never even got to say goodbye.

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