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I’ve never felt alone and unable to talk to anyone

I am in the United States Navy. I am a 22-year-old man who has been torn down multiple times by various relationships, both friendly and more meaningful. After my last girlfriend, I gave up on searching for a girl because I realized I was young (yes, I know I still am) and I need to enjoy my life, so I did and I had my fun. But now I want something more and for a reason that I can’t figure out it seems like the absolute most impossible challenge I have EVER come across.

So not only have I been lonely in the girlfriend and love department but being in the Navy and being away from my hometown it seems a lot of my friends have drifted away from me. I feel completely alone, it’s not like I walk around my ship and nobody talks to me but I don’t have a single person anymore that I can go to with an issue of any kind or good news of any kind.

So, going back to this love thing, about 3 months ago I went back home on leave for 2 reasons, 1 to get a car and 2 to spend time with a person I consider an extremely close friend. But something unheard of happened to me, I met an amazing woman.

She treats me like I’m the only person in the world that deserves happiness and I was SO happy. So, I changed my plans a little, I decided to go home a few days earlier and spend time with her because I am in the navy and she is from my hometown. I had the time of my life. Everything happened the way we both wanted them to. And since then things have been beautiful, granted she’s not ready to be in a relationship because she just got out of a 6-year relationship and that’s completely understandable but yesterday, we had a falling put.

She told me she wanted space. So, I came up with an idea for her to go visit some family and we won’t talk until she gets back home. We agreed and I expected that to be it. But she asked if it was alright with me if we talked until she left because she would have to go out if the country. So of course, I want to keep fucking talking until she leaves this girl means so much to me in such a short period of time. But I’ve noticed she doesn’t talk to me the way she used to literally 2 days ago. And its driving me fucking insane! I care so deeply for this girl but because she isn’t ready to be in a relationship her heart isn’t moving forward at all. Even though I can’t be any clearer when I tell her that I am willing to do anything to make US possible for as long as US can be. Someone please, tell me what I need to be doing or feeling or thinking or saying. Please. I’ve never felt alone and unable to talk to anyone in my entire life. I need help.


  1. She just wants to make sure you’re the right choice for her. shes obviously going through a lot of heartbreak at the minute due to her previous relationship. Just dont get too clingy with her a good morning a good night beautiful text will show her youre always thinking about her but dont constantly bring up the relationship topic. Just show her you can be the best guy you can be. From these paragraphs you seem like such a lovely guy and you should not feel alone. i hope everything works out x

  2. You need to breathe and chill a little. Do not rush into things when it is obviously not the right time to. I understand that you need some loving because of your career choice but someone that willing to wait can feel as attractive as someone that willing to do anything for the relationship if not more. You can be that someone confident enough to let the woman of his life know that she can take her time to recover from a previous painful relationship and be secure that you are not fooling around somewhere else. If she is as amazing as you describe, She’s worth the wait. Good Luck!

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