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I always sacrifice myself for others

I am a person who always smiles and be happy and never show my feelings to others. I used to be a person who used to be nerdy and had no friends, I used to talk to imaginary friends and objects. But now I have changed. I got some friends but I realized they were fake. I hate my lie. I just wish I can change my past. I just wish. I don’t know who I am anymore. I cry every night to sleep, and I always sacrifice myself for others. I lost hope. I just feel to die. there is no one I can trust and I can’t trust myself.


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  1. hey, people are here to help, you cant hate your life because we love you, you may not know who we are, who i am, but trust me, and believe me when i say; there are people who are suffering with worst, you don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. and never lose hope, whenever you feel like you will, remember that there are people who are suffering more than you do, there are, people who care for you, people who will do anything just to see your pretty smile, hear your amazing laugh, and see you happy. xx

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