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How to Government Fails People with Mental Health Issues

My story is about a 21-year-old girl with mental issues gets framed. Someone frames her that she’s selling pounds of marijuana at her house and the police and SWAT team raid her home and all they find is 1 gram (a personal amount) and still send her to jail.

They end up giving her a $50,000 bond that her parents can’t afford so she ends up staying for about a week. Within that week she loses her mind because she has Bipolar with Psychotic features and Hallucinations.

She starts to hallucinate that other cell mates are plotting to kill her but she’s really just hearing voices. She gets so out of hand that they think she is acting and throw her into isolation where they mistreat her and punish her.

The girl asks for medical help and they deny her. Within one night she ends up losing her mind from all the hallucinations and hearing of voices. They continue to punish her still thinking she is acting out until her parents go visit her the next day.

She comes out with her hair all messed up, 5 guards holding her and walking her to see her parents, she can barely keep her eyes open because she is hallucinating. Her parents are horrified at what they see because they know her conditions. They get a lawyer and demand that her bond be lowered. The lawyer successfully gets the bond lowered to $25,000. Her parents come up with half the money and made a plan to pay the rest in payments.

They end up bonding the girl out and taking her to the hospital where she’s getting worse, she’s paranoid and thinks everyone is out to get her. She’s screaming and cussing out everyone. The nurses and police are getting offended by this girl who is not right in the head, they are not understanding.

They end up stripping the girl naked while multiple police officers hold her down, while they try to get a urine test, all of the officers where men. The girl got more angry, paranoid, and strong because she had felt she had just been sexually assaulted.

She starts punching, biting, spitting, and cussing out any nurse or police officer that came at her. They eventually had enough so they transfer her to a Mental Facility in another city. In there she gets the help she needs, they evaluate her and give her the correct medication that helps her come back to the right state of mind. Even though she had lost her mind, she remembers everything that happened and can’t help but feel scarred and depressed because the government system had failed her and made her feel worse than she ever was.

All she can remember is how bad the guards, police, and hospital staff treated someone with Mental Health Issues. She ends up becoming an advocate for people with Mental Health. She talks about her story and how badly she was treated but that she got the help and others can to. Nobody needs to be afraid and it is okay to say you have Mental Health Issues, because Mental Health matters. This is my story and I am that girl with Mental Issues.

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  1. I have been in jail a few times and in my opinion at least a quarter of the inmates
    should be getting some kind of mental health help.I never got to have a bunch of
    female police hold me down trying to make me pee.I think I would of really liked
    that.I wonder how often they do that.I hope she is doing better now.I wish someone
    would hold all those cops down so we could shit on them.And a few of the S.W.A.T.
    guys also.I bet that would get them with the program.

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