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I am tired of people judging me for no reason

I am a girl, aged 17 years. I am Indian. I am tired of people judging me for no reason. I am tired of being the way my parents want me to. I can’t cut my hair nor share my feelings nor be treated equally like my brother. When I try to make my parents understand, they over look at it. Every other person keeps judging me. I tired of getting body shamed. Yet, I smile. I can’t share my feelings with anyone in my family because no one is ready to listen. My brother gets pampered very much and that’s the only reason he rules over me. I want to be treated equally. Is being a girl sin? Is expressing yourself a sin?

A lady walks up to my dad and says, “Why do you want to waste your money on a girl’s education?” She, being a woman says that. I don’t have words to talk about that lady.

My mom says, “Talk from your heart. Don’t stay untrue.” Well, whenever I try to share my feelings, they are the one who tells don’t. I don’t like some people, I am completely rude in talking to them because they speak pure shit. Why should I entrain them? IT’S MY LIFE. I want to live it my way.

My brother, one year elder to me can go wherever he wants to with or without permission. I can’t step out of the door without permission. I am told to dress the way I don’t like. I get frequent headaches; hence I prefer short hair. Will anyone understand that?! No. Why? BECAUSE I AM A GIRL. I can’t stand up to what I want. Why? BECAUSE I AM A GIRL.

Why is there so much of gender disequality? People keep saying that girls and boys are treated equally. No, that’s not at all true. Girls are treated as burden whereas boys are treated as blessing.

How can I get my family to listen to me, understand me?!

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