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Getting In Trouble For Standing Up For A Good Teach

There is this teacher at school. She tends to talk a lot, sometimes taking up half the lesson time. Like everyone else, I used to think of it as really annoying. But now… now I understand.

This teacher only wants the best for us, and likes to remind us every lesson of how important our education is. She’s very carefree- letting us listen to music and talk to each other – unlike other teachers.

Now I’m in yr. 11 now and I have her for one of my subjects. Some of the students have been complaining about her and a large number of them want to move out of the class. The principal heard and called up a few students to ask them about the teacher’s teaching abilities and all that stuff.

Now Ms. Fred (I’m going to call her that)… well she heard and got really upset about it. She talked to me after school and she looked so broken about it because she thought she was going to get fired. I swear, if you were in my place, you would’ve flipped, like I did.

I’ve known that Ms. Fred for, like, 5-freaking-years and I hated that some idiot talked shit about her to the principal. So, the next day, I get on Facebook and confront the person who I was told talked shit.

Now I know what you’ll are thinking, I should have made sure first and not pointed fingers like an idiot – which I did. But anyways, this person that I oh so wrongly or not so wrongly confronted went all defensive and shit (he kind of had the right to. But ANYWAYS, I tell him very bluntly how I think about what I think he did. He doesn’t reply. I log out.

OH, I forgot to say, I called him out on a group chat, so like 6 other people read what I wrote. One of those people, a girl I’m really close to, calls me out and tells me not to be “salty” because whatever he said, he was entitled to. After that- oh I felt LIKE SHIT!! I would just replay the whole conversation in my head over and over again, and I couldn’t get over the fact the what I did – 1. ruined my friendship with the person I confronted. 2. Made me look like a total bitch and idiot. and 3. ruined my reputation.

You know WHY it ruined my reputation?? Because my mom got a call from the principal about my behaviours on Facebook. Turns out the SOB told on me to the PRINCIPAL. HOLY SHIT! My mom went crazy on my ass man. She was talking about how I’ve ruined my high schooling life and how if the PRINCIPAL called, then I’m going to get EXPELLED.

Man, I was trying to calm her down but NOOO, never try to calm my mum down. It’s like adding Kerosene to a raging fire. The principal had a talk with me, telling me how, even though she understands that I care for the teacher and all, I shouldn’t get involved. Now I feel like shit, and I’m hiding in the Library, away from my mum and everything. Because you know, the library is my sanctuary and books help me get away from reality for a while. But listen (or read) I regret what I did and I have LEARNED MY LESSON. People can deal with their own shit in the future, because I have my own shit to deal with.
The gist of it all? what am I going to do now?

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