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I was born alone and I will die alone.

I am Salah Eddine I’m 17 years old, I always wanted a best friend that will be with me when I am depressed or lost, I’ve never had that and I think I’ll never have one and this killing me, when I talk with girls they think I am a fuckboy, I just want a friend a best friend I don’t want anything else.

I was born alone and I will die alone.



  1. Don’t feel sad if you never had a best friend, its perfectly fine.Don’t lose hope.

    Why do you need somebody else to be your best friend when you know that no one can be your best friend except you yourself.

    I suggest you to maintain a diary in which you could write whatever you want to tell to your best friend believe me it would surely help.

  2. Hey… it’s ok to feel the way you’re feeling. I mean it’s not BUT you’re only 17 nd at 17 it’s you versus the world.

    Trust me, you won’t regret it

    I would love to be your best friend. I’m doing this not because I feel sad for you or because I’m a pedophile.

    It’s because I’m 17 too. I understand. I’ve been there. Am there sometimes. You may have been born alone. But you’re not alone now. Not anymore.

    Call me Flo

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