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I don’t really have a friend

Hi, I’m one of the students who graduated this year, and now I have my long holiday. I thought this holiday I’ll be happy, but, the truth is I just in the bed sleeping and do nothing.

The thing is, I realized that I don’t really have a friend. Commonly I used LINE for chatting with my friend, when school days I had so many chat from my friend, in case of homework or school.

In the school I felt happy too, I capture many attentions from my friends, but when holiday, my phone just like grave. I feel so lonely. No one want me to hang out with. but, I did know many friends, but not too close.

Just know and greet each other when meet. My sister said to me “I just curios why you never hang out this holiday” it make me sadder. Now, I don’t know what should I do?



  1. It’s sad , but you should feel lucky that you’ve friends to talk to , my school mates doesn’t seems to like me 🙁

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