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Mom just let me watch her masturbate when I was 11

It all started when I was 11.

I woke up and had to pee one night. I heard what sounded like my mom crying or something in the living room.

I go out to see and there she is naked on the couch masturbating.

What I remember the most was the pink dildo going in and out of her very hairy vagina.

She was the first woman I ever saw naked. I was also naked and the I couldn’t even think about trying to hide my erection.

She saw me staring at her vagina and I don’t know why but I asked if I could touch her vagina.

At first, she said no, until she caught me spying on her. She asked why I was spying on her and told her it’s because I wanted that feeling in my penis again (not understanding what it meant to be turned on) she gave me a hug told me not to do that and sent me to bed.

Well I didn’t listen and every night I would try and spy on her as quiet as I could. It was a couple weeks later when it finally paid off. Until she moaned kind of loud and I gasped. She looked up just in time to see me with my hard-little penis in my hand.

After that at first, she just let me watch her masturbate then after a month or two and her letting me touch her we had sex. The first time I ejaculated pretty much the second my penis started to penetrate her vagina.



  1. That is really hot. I never got to touch my mom but saw her very hairy pussy a lot of times.

  2. I love the story. I had sex with my mom when I was 14 and many times after that.

  3. I think it’s something all moms should do, I saw my mom naked when I was 12-13 years old, we were having sex when I was 15 and now 41 years later we still do, atleast once a week, she says it keeps her feeling young. She shaved her pussy for the first time on my 50th birthday and she’s a better fuck than my wife

  4. My mother had a hitachi magic wand that messed up our tv reception when she masturbated. When the tv picture would start to roll I knew to sneak up to her room and nudge the door open. I saw my mother cum many times.

  5. Nice, my mom let me fuck her at a park during the day while people watched

  6. great story almost same to mine
    but i was wanking with Dad !
    Me to with 11 years old, very small dicked .
    I was showering myself…

  7. great story almost same to mine
    but i was wanking with Dad !
    Me to with 11 years old, very small dicked .
    I was showering myself… an he walked in the bathroom, while i became a bit stiff by washing my little one……

  8. If I had ever spied on my mom, I would be grounded for life and probably would go to boot camp.

  9. My mom used to let me suckle her since I can remember, she’d have me on her lap, cradled, and I’d suckle and massage them. At the same time shed masturbate..but i couldn’t look.. Yeh right

  10. I saw my mom’s hairy pussy lots of times, but never got to touch it. I saw my Dad fuck her one time.

  11. That’s pretty hot.Did you ever want to go down on her? And if you did, did she let
    you? Heck I want to go down on her. She sounds like a great Mother. Thanks for

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