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Years of trials and change, change unexpected and expected

Rcat, the 4 cats and the beast

Years of trials and change, change unexpected and expected.
They all fought for the beast from inside the walls of Rcat and the last cat was deep. Rcat opened her doors and she took the beast from Rcat walls to her walls.

A beast knows no thanks, no loyalty, no care of harm caused nor control or consequences of his behaviour. He is rude knows no communication, betrays by the second even for free…. the beast has grown for the last 5 years but has no mercy even to those that help make it bigger….

Rcat loved the beast cared for the beast like her own flesh and blood. The beast liked the selfish cats one minute approval.

The first cat was gay, but the beast was straight, he didn’t know first cat was gay shows how easily he could be manipulated the beast trusted cat one until the cat had enough and left the beast broken and hurt so the best came back home.

The second cat, close she was to Rcats heart but arrogant, rude, shameless and outspoken wrong, no remorse or even a word of thanks her puppies were beautiful however what a tragedy to have 2nd cat for mama…. she had several fights with beast. She hated the beast but Rcat loved the beast. 2nd cat wanted the beast out yet not fully as she enjoyed the benefits they got from both Rcat and the beast. Until Rcat discovered that she was simply a fool and needed time to grow so she left hurting Rcat and in return infuriating her beast.

The second cat was cunning, young and also outspoken, very mouthy but gets her way, a little bit stupid and very out of order… Rcat opened her doors and fed the street cat that had nowhere to go, when she got to know the beast she shook the walls of Rcat home and threatened to break her walls, the beast broke loyalty for a piece of corn for a minute but realised he had no home with the second cat and stayed.

The 3rd cat was careful…. she was a nice cat she too had her way with the beast but has no idea Rcat knows. She has been good to Rcat and for year never betrayed her loyalty again even though she is hiding a secret. Her kitten is beautiful and she is moral everyone has secrets….

The last cat was smart, plans carefully, plays games with one punch she broke into Rcats home and in she entered until the dawn woeing and convincing the beast. Shamelessly, she removed him straight within her walls, she worked quick and careful and once she had him, she let him fall hurt and broken. Once again, he came home for safety for Rcat to mend his broken bones for Rcat was his best friend and has helped fix his broken bones for years now.

The beast however does not understand home love and care he understand barbaric and street ways only solves a dispute in dangerous way. He disrespects Rcat despite having cared for him he forgets all the places and situations he has been in with Rcat. The beast doesn’t know the last cat very well yet on one beautiful night as beast and Rcat were out enjoying the air with refreshments, the beast receives communication from the last cat and orders Rcat quiet so she is not aware of Rcats presence, they scheme and plan in different ways, finally the beast decided to kill Rcat in order to make sure the last cat approved of him since the last cat was very envious of the beast’s presence in Rcat’s house.

Moral of the story

Never open your door to strangers you don’t know their intentions.

A beast is a beast it will never change hence the reason we don’t live with wild animals.

A friend today can be the biggest enemy tomorrow.

Question…. who is to blame for Rcats death?

Answer…. She should never have let the beast or any of the cats in her home…. the cats had plans, they came to get house for a reason….


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