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Sometimes you lose someone so special

Sometimes just sometimes you lose someone so special and come to a point where you no longer know what to feel or how to react to certain things.

Once you lose someone you never really get them back. He moved on and I guess now I have to move on too. Maybe this was how our story is supposed to end. Memories they haunt me sometimes it’s been 4 years now we tried but we could not get back together sometimes it was due to him sometimes due to me.

I hope who ever reads this just understands that if you love someone no matter what don’t leave their side because sometimes when you one of you gets weak other one needs to be the support no matter how hard if you are together fight for your love and you will see miracle. maybe he was not my miracle maybe someone else’s what hurts sometimes is what ifs and maybes but now he has moved on with someone else and I guess this is it that’s how our story ends. but the person who is reading this all I am saying is do not think of future and spoil your present. just live in now.
hope somewhere what I have written helps someone. God Bless.


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